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Tap Tap, lets create a beat!

The polished smooth sticks have a great noise when bashed together, but as ever here at Clare’s Toys we have oodles of other uses for them, check out our Play Ideas…

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Always use your best judgement with our toys however, we always recommend adult supervision at play time.

Claves date back many millennia and have been used to keep the beat and timing of many musical songs. Known as Claves from for an afro-Carribean vibe or Clapsticks if your a native Australian Aboriginie.

  • Become the worlds best drummer, put together sum upside down ice-cream tubs, tins and saucepans for the ultimate rock out.
  • Use it as a fishing rod to catch the fish under the sea
  • Play witches and wizards and turn everyone into a toad with your wand. Some of us might just see sticks but our little ones mind never ceases to amaze us. They are oh so imaginative

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Weight 0.094 kg
Dimensions 19 × 2 cm

19×2 cm


Solid wood fine sanded finish.


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