Spiky Flashing Ball

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These are an absolute favourite! They bounce, they roll the feel funny and they flash!

The soft tactile spikes provide a different texture to many surfaces and are great to roll around on skin like a mini massage or to grab, roll, throw…

These balls come in a variety of random colours that flash different colours on a bounce.

Balls come in random colours.

*Minimum order of 2 unless ordering with other items

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Always use your best judgement with our toys however, we always recommend adult supervision at play time.

  1. Develop eye tracking by roll the ball to them across the floor
  2. Roll it around on their skin to promote tactility
  3. Develop catching and throwing skills, which are great for coordination
  4. Bounce it
  5. Little ones under 2 years tend to be more tactile and explore as much with their mouths as with their hands and it’s ok to just let them play supervised, as the balls are safe and easily cleaned.

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Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm


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