Sensory Chiffon Scarves

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Chiffon scarves are a great gentle sensory play object for babies.

The chiffon material makes the scarves float in a gentle and gracefully manner, helping babies to develop their eye tracking movement as well as stimulating their minds with the contrasting colours.

Great for preventing flat head syndrome by moving the scarf around over babies head they will follow and turn their head.

Scarves come in random colours.

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Always use your best judgement with our toys however, we always recommend adult supervision at play time.

  • Play Peek-a-boo – Babies up to around 7 months have no understanding of object permanence, so if the object isn’t there it doesn’t exist. That’s why when you play peek-a-boo they really do think you have disappeared.
  • Develop throwing and catching skills with the slowly moving scarves.
  • Dance with them
  • Wave them around
  • Let them float gently down over your baby
  • Feeling adventurous? Try juggling
  • Put them in old tissue boxes, or Pringle cans tied together to pull out – They LOVE puling things out of things!
  • Tie them above babies head to something stable and lay baby down to stare up at them and bat them
  • In the early years, the skull is still soft and they spend most of their time on their back. It is important to get them turning their heads from side to side. Scarves are great to follow and by moving the scarf around, you are also developing eye tracking, strengthening their eye muscles too.

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Orange, Blue, Purple, Green, Yellow

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  1. AlexButt

    Jolly nice scarves

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