Well, ok it’s not just for 6 month olds – 12 months olds would love some of these activities too.

  1. Read – Reading from a young age may encourage early cognitive development. Plus its fun and they love to hear you talking!
  2. Sing – As if no one were listening. We are not all Catherine Boyle or Alicia Keys but they wont know that! (yet) 🙂 Singing is full of patterns and melodies, something baby listens to to develop speech.  It doesn’t matter what it is, make it up. If you’re struggling – don’t forget the classic nursery rhymes.
  3. Dance – As if no-one is watching. Change it up from the nursery rhymes and flick on Spotify or Youtube and dance away… Holding baby on their feet, holding baby in your arms, or just you alone and let them watch.
  4. Bubbles – All children LOVE bubbles. There are loads of great options, but the best is the fisher price bubble fish blower. It’s just always sold out! Of course you can always use one of those normal handheld ones!
  5. Mirrors – Babies can be pretty vein. Well, not really they don’t really know what they look like until about 18months. That’s when they begin to recognise themselves in the mirror but it can be a lot of fun watching them trying to work it out!
  6. Dancing coloursChiffon scarves are great for a sensory experience, they float gently and softly and provide nice textures for baby to touch.
  7. Do stuff – Sorry what? Put baby down and go about your business. They love to watch, try and talk to them tell them what you are doing and explain it. They won’t understand but they are learning all the same. The older they get the more you can include them with what you are doing, like cooking, cleaning or washing up.
  8. Food – They don’t always have to eat it, (unless its dinner time) but cold spaghetti, potatoes and lettuce leaves can be fun to play with whilst also getting them used to foods they will beeating later on in life.
  9. Learn Baby Babble – Not exactly, but with my dry sense of humor I imagine she is saying all kinds of silly things and talk back to her as if she is asking me about my views on Angel Delight.
  10. Baby Massage – This is mostly suitable for babies from 6 weeks to crawling, you can make it up or learn how to do it properly with companies like Milestones.
  11. Stacking – Kids Love stacking, usually they begin to master this skill at 8 months but when they do, its a whole world of stacking and knocking over just to re stack it, to knock it ove…. you get the idea!
  12. Hide stuff – This one is pretty self explanatory… but don’t hide it for too long they have pretty short attention spans.
  13. Put stuff out of reach – This isn’t the teasing section of this list, but putting items just out of reach starts to develop problem solving skills as they try and figure out how to get what they want.
  14. Sensory lights –Grab some twinkle gloves and sing twinkle twinkle little star to them whilst dancing the gloves around over babies head. Alternatively if you feel the need you can take them to your next rave.
  15. Balance Baby – If they are not quite ready for the balance beam (which they really are not) grab yourself a mini stability ball and plop them on it. Hold them up (never let go) but allow them to try and balance themselves whilst in your arms.
  16. Shakers – Find a small container that you can fill up with rice and selloptape shut. Alternativley you might find it easier just picking up some shaky eggs!
  17. Look at Pictures – Perhaps you have some great holiday or travel albums that you would love to look through again site down with baby and talk them through what you were up to in the albums. (late nights in Ibiza need stay hidden)

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