Bio plastic bio-plastic

Bio-Plastic Toys

100% Green
100% Safe
100% Bio-degradable

Made from a mix of plant based resins, corn starch, natural additives and organic colourants, these bio-plastic toys are not only good for the environment, they are incredibly safe for your children too.


There are no nasty chemicals like BPA, PVC, Phthalates or Styrenes which you find in nearly every other type of plastic.

80% less greenhouse gas is emitted during manufacturing vs traditional plastic toys.

Versatile, colourful, easy to clean and free of all toxic chemicals it is safer than any other baby teether you will find.

The star shaped design is easy to grip for little hands and is incredibly hygenic, with no sneaky holes for dribble to hide in.

Whats more, its very easy to clean.

Shifting towards better toys

We don't honestly know how much the Children's toy industry contributes to the plastic waste problem around the world, (if you have any info get in touch) but what we do know is that we are going to do our bit to figure out how to improve it.

So, wracking our brains and hunting the world high and low we have found some plastic that is not made from oil. We think it's really cool!

This range of 'plastic' toys are the start of us transforming into an ecologically friendly (but not force it down your throat) children's toy store.

What is so incredible about these products is because they are made from natural substances and coloured with natural substances they can one day return back to nature and have no effect on the planet. Although we prefer it if you just pass them along to someone else who might enjoy them!

Watch this space as we look to bring you better cleaner and nicer toys...