Week 1

At the beginning there as baby poo. Shit loads of baby poo. OMG It’s bloody endless!!! When will it stop???

Week 2

OMG why hasn’t he/she pooed yet, they need to poo, what should we do? Why haven’t they pooed? Relax, let it go. Your little one will eventually get rid of it.

Once your new little bundle of joy has joined our world, the subject of poo seems to inextricably move from a non discussion topic and is thrust into the limelight – so much so, that it becomes a conversation starter in the park!

The topic of baby’s digestive tract is that of huge conversation, from how they are feeding, to filing up their tiny little stomach to exiting in such a delightful fashion the other end. Right now though, we are focusing on the (excuse the pun) bottom of the pipe.

Their stomach is tiny!

Your stomach is the size of your fist. It’s the same for baby – how tiny is that!  For the first 6 months their tiny little stomach fills up and empties every two hours and with all that food passing in, it’s got to go somewhere. But what if it isn’t coming out?

My Baby hasn’t pooed in 2 weeks – what should I do?

The first thing is to not panic. Seriously, it is very common for any baby to hold it in for that long, especially bottle fed babies.

The reason is that a babies insides are still maturing into the incredible machine that is our digestive tract and sometimes they hold on to the food to get all the nutrition out.

This of course doesn’t go for everyone though – sometimes there might be other reasons – this is only advice and if you are concerned you should seek the input of a medical professional.

What can I do to encourage my baby to poo?

There are great baby massage techniques that focus on swirling your hand around in a clockwise fashion on babies tiny little stomach. To learn them, try a course like Milestones Baby Massage

50 Shades of baby poo

Stage 1  – Meconium – black and sticky

Something that can only be described as one of the worst substance known to human. For the first poo after birth it’s going to look much like tar/marmite and it’s ridiculous! It sticks to everything, EVERYTHING. This is why good baby wipes are crucial!

Stage 2 – Green poop – runnier and less sticky

By day 3-4 it’s going to turn green, as the food you have been feeding baby mixes with the Meconium and pushes it out. It’s still pretty unpleasant, but you gotta do what you gotta do!

Stage 3 – Yellow mustard

Over the next few days it is going to turn into a delightful mustard like substance as the Meconium has all but passed out of baby’s system. Wonderfully, this comes in many different styles.

Variations of mustard

  • Runny
  • Incredibly thick – has to be scraped off
  • Seedy – looks like it has small seeds in it (Chicken Korma)

Generally, the consistency of the stool will vary from poo to poo depending on how hydrated baby is, or how much they have eaten, or if they have had formula or not. (Formula is OK mummies)

You are what you eat

You might see lots of odd colours in their stool, but remember if you are breastfeeding and have eaten a particular coloured food, it’s likely their stool will also be the same colour, so try not to panic if you have been whacking back the beetroot and their stool is tinged pink.

Further information and pictures

This is not an exhaustive list of poo types but should be a good start. If you are of course ever in doubt, please consult a healthcare professional or your GP.

You can find out more information and pictures at Babycenter.com

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