About us..

Clare's Toys is an independently owned toy shop specializing in toys for under 5's. Through our expert knowledge and decades in childcare specialisms, we aim to help guide and support the development of your little ones through stimulating and engaging play.

For the under 5's, play time is a very important time, not only is it helping to develop physical and mental skills, it is also very important because it teaches them to have fun. A well structured play session should always have a focus on a particular skill or area of development. An unstructured play session is of high importance too, allowing for open ended discovery and increased cognitive development. Understanding these two types of play will help you to pick the most suitable toys for each stage of your little one's precious development.

There is a reason behind everything we sell, our toys are more than inanimate objects. They are props for development, growth and learning. Each product page will fill you with plenty of ideas of how to use each toy, but if you really want to get into the science behind the fun check out our learning zone.

Learning zone

Bringing up children is not easy and never really comes with a playbook or manual. You can often search online for hours and hours trying to find the best answers or solutions to helping your child develop. Some answers are good, some bad but how are you to know which is the best option for your child?

Our learning zone is a combination of knowledge of over 40 years of professional experience in dealing with raising children through personal experiences, raising other peoples children, running sensory, baby massage or children's yoga classes, writing syllabus content and generally having a unhindered passion for raising independent and unique little minds.

Come on through to our learning zone.