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Sensory processing disorder (SPD) – can toys help?

Sensory processing disorder is a state where the brain has trouble processing information collected from the senses. Information comes in thick and fast from every sense in our body. The traditionalist will maintain that there are 5 senses, but there is argument for at least one, possibly 3 more. Touch Taste Sight Smell Hearing (Vestibular)…

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Heuristic Play – Toddlers and their ability to create a masterpiece

Through my classes and teaching I encourage children to play heuristically with or without the objects around them but I try to create a stimulating and engaging environment in every class. When a child learns Heuristically they are discovering for themselves. When a child ‘learns through doing’ they are doing so Kinesthetically. These two style…

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The influence you have on your children

The influence you have on your children Have you ever wondered why your child wants to use your phone so much? Or why your a baby loves playing with your keys. To you, you are their world –  You have a bond together like no other. You have just made an extension to your selves.…

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